W3 - Secrets of Agile Collaboration

Agile development asks for a high degree of collaboration, but whether one forms part of an agile team or not, collaboration is key to building great relationships and great products. Business analysts tend to be collaborative naturally, but do you know how to consciously create a collaborative team? Or even just a collaborative meeting or session? How do you as a facilitator ensure high quality thinking and creative solutions, even when people do not know one another, when they are not really interested, when there are disagreements, or when the topic is tough? Do you know how fear and anxiety impacts the brain and how to stop it from happening? The workshop will reveal to you where you are naturally good at collaboration. By exploring the ground conditions you will become aware of consciously creating better collaboration in your teams and in work sessions. You will practice new techniques and experience for yourself what works and what doesn’t. You will walk away with a collection of simple tools from the world of Agile, professional coaching and facilitation that will make your meetings, work sessions and teamwork more focussed, productive and fun!

Main takeaways:

Antoinette Coetzee has extensive experience in software development, coaching, mentoring and training. She has been involved as Lean/Agile coach at various organisations since 2000. Over the years she has transformed a number of teams and organisations to an agile way of working and thoroughly enjoys opening minds. Antoinette has developed and teaches Agile as well as software development courses. She is an Enterprise Agile Coach trained by the Agile Coaching Institute in the US. She is currently studying to become an Organisational and Relationship Systems (ORSC) Coach.