A2 - C Suite Business Analysis - unlocking the true potential of the BA

Traditionally, the business analyst has performed an ‘operational level’ role, stuck in the trenches of an IT project or department with limited impact on shaping the execution of company strategy. With disruptive technologies and business models threatening the corporate status quo the time has come for the BA to step out from the shadows and perform a leading role in reshaping business to deal with the challenges of the future.

This presentation explores several themes:

Main takeaways:

With a professional career spanning some 28 years, Carn has extensive experience in both information technology and general business management. His specialisations include strategising, process engineering, business analysis, mentoring and coaching, technology management and governance, and business architecture with the express focus on delivering the highest quality solutions to clients. His participation in many large system implementation projects, both locally and overseas, has seen him become an expert practitioner and implementer of approaches to delivering complex business solutions. Today, he is responsible for the development and implementation of technology, architecture, product marketing and business – IT alignment strategies for both public and commercial organisations that cover aspects such as business envisioning and (re-)engineering, strategic execution, and project assurance. Carn has extensive leadership experience, having managed inter-organisational teams of business users, technologists, vendors as well as having had experience of line management positions within IT organisations.