A5 - The Future of Business Analysis

Businesses are operating in revolutionary, complex global economies were change is a norm, and lean thinking is the latest call to action. To remain competitive; it is more important than ever for an organization’s leadership team to utilize the skills of the business analyst. Legislative changes of late have shifted the underlying foundation of industries therefore requiring major changes within organizations from time to time, so it should be no surprise that the role and the importance of a business analyst will be a main driver of the economy as markets shift and organizations are forced to deal with the fast paced volatility of business. So what does this really mean for the future Business Analyst? Based on research and trends in Business transition the business analyst is and will be on the front line of change; no matter the cause, change is not possible without projects and projects are not possible without the business analysts. This concludes that the future of the business analyst will be to essentially drive adaptability and agility as success will require a strategy and approach to change through innovation that hits the mark.

Main takeaways:

Cecilia Mdluli is a Business Analyst at the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. She works in an IT department business unit, with a focus of optimising and introducing innovative sustainable technologies that are part of the value add to the organisation and its customers. As a Business analyst, Cecilia has a passion for closing the gap between Business and Information technology as history has proven that IT experts are too technical and tend to leave out the human aspect when implementing changes within the organisation. Her main goal is too close this gap through utilising her Business analysis and process mapping skills without omitting the human aspect. After matriculating at Barberton Secondary school, she studied at CTI, where her passion for Business analysis began through obtaining an International Bcom in Business Information System NQF 7 at the University Of Greenwich she then attended an extensive Sustainable Business Analysis course through Rhodes university were she graduated as the top learner. Cecilia believes that the learning process never stops there is always something new to learn in everything and in everyone, even if it’s repeated action but at every instance there is something unique as everything in life is a process.