D1 - Becoming a Champion of Strategy

The role of a Business Analyst is often overlooked when it comes to strategic initiatives in organisations and I have found that more often than not, Business Analysts are omitted from the Strategic decision making process. There is a general lack of understanding of the important role that Business Analysts have to play in an organisation’s strategy. Business Analysts are key drivers in fleshing out strategies for senior management. Most notably in the initiation stage by eliciting requirements and ultimately ensuring the delivery of those requirements thus directly contributing towards achieving the strategic initiatives. It is therefore vital for Business Analysts to not only know what the strategic objectives are but to understand their role in the realization of strategy and the strategic value added by the tasks they perform. This presentation will outline how organisations create strategies and why it is important for Business Analysts to have a thorough understanding of why a strategy exists. Through this understanding they are able to incorporate strategic ways of thinking and behaviour in business as usual activities in addition to transformational projects. Business Analysts are key to making strategy work. It is time for Business Analysts to be seen as key role players in the strategic management process of organisations.

Main takeaways:

After obtaining her BCom degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town, Charlene started her career as a Quality Assurance Analyst on a performance and attribution product. After 8 months she was promoted to a Business Analyst. She has been a Business Analyst for 6 years working on projects in the Asset Management, Loans, Leads Management and Collections industries. Whilst working she obtained her second major in Business Management and continued on to complete her Honours in Business Management through the University of South Africa. Charlene has a deep interest in understanding the strategic drivers behind business decisions. On each project, she believes in driving strategy and ensuring business values are met.