C1 - No to Death by PowerPoint! - How to Mesmerise Without Slides

PowerPoint is not inherently evil., for that matter, are the atomic bomb, poison gas or timeshare salespeople. It’s how they are inflicted upon society that does it. Through no fault of its own, PowerPoint has been used to visit more pain on professional people, in a shorter space of time, than global recession and multi-level marketing combined. 

Professional speaker Douglas Kruger is leading the charge to change the world. As the only person ever to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times, and as a full-time professional speaker and presentation-skills coach, he is uniquely qualified to spot the problems, dismantle the monster, and offer more much effective alternatives.

Learn to engage and persuade without slides. This presentation is based on Douglas’s upcoming book with Penguin Random House, ‘How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint.’ 

You will discover: 

Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker, and author of ‘Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,’ and ‘Relentlessly Relevant - 50 Ways to Innovate,’ published by Penguin Random House. He is the only person ever to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record 5 times. His clients include senior management at brands like BMW, Samsung, HP and more. See him in action at www.DouglasKruger.co.za, or follow him on Twitter using @douglaskruger.