B4 - A business analyst role in a start-up versus a mature organisation

As a career BA it is important to know what type of BA work to expect when seeking to join an organisation at a particular growth stage. This presentation will help you navigate your career choices based on the growth stage of the company. Looking to get a new job as a BA? To hire great BA talent employers will sell their perfect image of business analysis to you. Often the reality on the ground is different. Are you a consultant or contractor? What BA artefacts can you expect to find when you walk into a company with 50 employees, or 20 000 employees? This presentation will use JR Galbraith’s (1982) Stages of Growth model to apply a business analysis dimension (depicting BA maturity levels, tools and techniques) for each of the stages:

This approach to understanding business analysis maturity depending on the growth stage of a company will offer a different angle on how a career BA will use their skills and knowledge to be an effective force in their chosen organisation – big or small, young or mature.

Main takeaways:

Eugene Etsebeth is a Senior Business Analyst at the SARB. He has worked in small, medium and large enterprises. His expertise in IT and Finance complement his Business Analysis skill. He has a B.COM, MBA (cum laude) and Diploma in Business Analysis. He has over 10 years of Business Analysis experience.