C4 - The Agile Analyst Mindset

What is your role as a business analyst in an agile environment? Fitting somewhere between a Product Owner and Team member role, many business analysts feel left out or alienated by agile. In this talk we will explore the mindset of an agile analyst, and how this mindset makes them indispensible to an agile team. We will contrast this with a more traditional approach of a business analyst role in a waterfall (traditional) project. Come ready to expand your idea of what a business analyst is!

We will cover 5 agile analyst mindset points written in a similar fashion to the agile manifesto:

Karen and Sam are agile coaches and trainers who have been helping teams become more agile over the past 8 years. They are regular speakers at local and international conferences and have authored a number of books for other agile coaches, including one on Agile Requirements.