A1 - Business Analysis - It's time to come of age

It’s 2015 and business change initiatives continue to “fail” at an alarming rate. Given the significant time that Business Analysis has been formally a standard role, why is this still the case and what can we do about it? This motivational session provides an introspection into the “mess”, positions the problems and suggests some ideas to drive the business analysis role to deliver business change better.

Main takeaways:

  1. Critical Success Factors of successful change
  2. Cause and effect of issues projects face
  3. Recalibrating the Business Analyst role
  4. Pushing boundaries to drive better business change

Joe specialises in organisational strategy, business analysis and change management, with a strong project leadership edge. During Joe’s career he has worked and managed teams on over 50 Business Improvement and Information Systems projects, spanning four continents, whilst gaining a solid reputation for benefits delivery. Joe serves as a BA Competency assessor, a coach and mentor and has delivered on the project team of the IIBA Professional Development Committee (Global Task Team). This global task team was responsible for the development of the IIBA Competency Model. Joe enjoys presenting and interacting with people to gain and share insights and experiences and is passionate about what he does with his mission being to put the ‘Business’ back in ‘Analysis’.