W1b - Business Analysis Ethics

Are you an ethical person? Have you faced and resolved ethical dilemmas in your work as a BA? How well do you handle awkward ethical situations? This is a very interactive workshop to allow you to consider an ethical question that you could easily encounter in your work as a BA. During the workshop you will be divided into groups. Each group will be presented with a scenario that poses an ethical question.  The group will discuss the scenario and try to find an ethical way to resolve the question. Finally, each group will present feedback on their ethical question and how they resolved it.

After this workshop you will:

Lucy started her career as a teacher in Maths, Science and Computer Science. Then she moved into the direction of COBOL programming, and finally into the field of analysis. She has been doing business analysis for about 15 years in the financial, investment and construction industries. She has presented various workshops and presentations on BABOK®v2 and studying towards CBAP®/CCBA® for IIBA®-SA events over the last 4 years. She has been a volunteer for IIBA-SA for 10 years in varying roles from event co-ordinator, branch committee member and currently on the IIBA-SA Board. She is on the Organising Committee of BASSA2015.(But I would rather you make the ethical decision of selecting this presentation based on its interest, relevance and desirability for BAs ,the quality of this abstract and speaker quality rather than selecting me because of my close ties to BASSA.) She reads many BA websites and publications, follows BA thought leaders, and is interested in supporting and growing the BA profession. She is a believer in lifelong learning, and is studying towards her CBAP exam in June 2015. She tries to make ethical choices, to know the difference between right and wrong, to make the best informed decision and ultimately to facilitate win-win solutions as far as possible.