F3 - The Business Analyst and Big Data

The relationship between the business analyst and business data has always been a murky and dangerous one. We think of data as fields, records, tables, files etc. It is typically managed and controlled by IT and is often subject to tight business and legislative controls depending on the industry we work in.
But what is the boundary between data and business information? What does the new buzzword “big data” mean and how does it impact business and the business analyst role of today?  This session will explore what big data is and why it has become the latest weapon in an organisation’s arsenal. We will investigate how these benefits can be extended into the business analyst’s traditional responsibilities and how we should work with IT to bridge the dangerous gap between data and information.

Main takeaways:

Leanne Nuen has worked in the IT industry for over 14 years with the last 10 years spent as a consultant with Tharollo Consulting. She has worked on multiple projects across varied industries and has a broad spectrum of experience that includes software development and testing, systems analysis, business analysis, requirements engineering, quality assurance and BA management. Leanne is especially noted for her systems and requirements engineering capability. She can comfortably switch between business and technical roles to ensure maximum alignment between business and IT. She has previously established a BA centre of excellence and was responsible for the acquisition, assessment, skills development, project delivery and retention of a large team of analysts. She has developed and ensured compliance to pragmatic BA methods and standards that ensure the delivery of quality requirements. Across various industries, clients have recognised Leanne for the tremendous contribution she makes to the organisation’s ability to deliver strategic projects that produce real competitive advantage.