C2 - Visual Storytelling - Seeing the Bigger Picture of Big Data

Big data is seen as a game changer – driving new insights and changing the strategic landscape. Yet without tailored visual storytelling the value of big data can easily remain dormant. Visual presentation techniques become essential as a framework for rapidly absorbing and communicating insight while unleashing the potential of big data. This discipline is growing as part of the Business Analyst arsenal for the facilitation of business decisions while allowing larger quantities of data to be made more comprehensible to a larger audience. Learn how to visualise data driven insights to support business strategy and drive additional value from data. This presentation will highlight the following:

Lyle Petersen is a Business Intelligence Business Analyst in the Retail Sector with 6 years of related professional experience. His main career focus has been business analysis and process implementation servicing business insight and strategic objectives. This includes analysis and consulting duties for KPMG clients, as well as experience in the Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate and Credit Risk Industries.