W4 - Pushing the Boundaries of Communication in Business Analysis

Human beings have been communicating with each other in various ways for hundreds of thousands of years. This is due to an inherent desire to share opinions, experiences, ideas and ultimately, to come to a common agreement. It’s probably due to this desire that the human race has progressed to what it is today. However, as evolved as we are, we humans continue to find communication amongst one another challenging. Many of the world’s problems exist due to a lack of communication, miscommunication, misguided communication – and business is no different. One of the key tasks for which the BA is responsible is facilitating clear communication between stakeholders, thereby ensuring harmony in working towards achieving business goals and solving business problems. This fun and interactive session will take its participants through a series of exercises which have been developed together with an expert in human performance. The exercises will shed some light on human communication – what is it and how can it be used effectively to elicit requirements, manage stakeholder negotiation and achieve stakeholder consensus? Let’s push the boundaries of human communication!

Main takeaways:

Lori has worked in the IT industry for the past nine years, the majority of which has been in the fields of business and systems analysis with key emphasis on business and systems requirements engineering and process modelling within the insurance, banking and broadcasting industries. Lori has also performed her responsibilities in the role of Lead Business Analyst, responsible for the overall delivery of a team of analysts. Most recently, Lori has moved into the role of Business Analyst Coach within the Capability Development division of Tharollo Consulting.

With over ten years of experience as an executive coach and over 10 000 hours of face-to-face time coaching clients, Mark is currently regarded as one of the leading executive coaches in South Africa. His education and experience include both ministry and business, with an impressive international track record as a speaker and author. He is currently the head of coaching at Cycan (Pty) Ltd.

Mark has a Master of Philosophy degree in Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch. He also holds an ACMC certification from the International Meta-Coach Foundation and is a PNI Accredited Advanced Trainer, as well as an accredited I-WAM practitioner.

Mark currently coaches high-potential and high-ranking individuals in companies across industry sectors. He is considered a thought leader in the areas of executive individual and team wellness, performance, collaboration, and sustainability, as well as in the practical implementation of neuroscience and leadership. His style has been described as having a profound ability to build rapport, a confidence characteristic of the few considered artists within their fields, and the presence to authenticate it.  He defines his areas of speciality as “creating a life that matters after success”.

Mark resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. His clients include individuals such as Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer Ryk Neethling, and senior executive leadership in companies such as Microsoft, Telkom, Vodacom, Standard Bank, and Nedbank. He is a regular contributor to CEO Magazine SA, in which his thought leadership articles addressing issues facing business leaders are published on a monthly basis. Mark is also an ambassador for the Dream Big initiative, selected by Jenna Clifford.