E2 - Think Like a BA, Act Like a Consultant

Business Analyst are often labeled as the internal consultant, yet their influence seems to be shadowed by the external consultant. Why is that? Why are internal ideas often ignored in favor of external advice?  The difference lies in HOW consultants think and HOW consultants deliver. 

We live in a complicated world, where business problems are inherently complex. Throw in market pressures, demanding stakeholders and organizational politics and even the most straightforward of desired outcomes require intricate solutions. Despite technology solutions being readily accessible, services being easily customizable and a growing pool of talented people readily available to deliver them, projects are still strained and the majority still failing!

Having a solid foundation of business analysis and its associated deliverables, tools and techniques may land you on the next enterprise project, but having the right blend of soft skills and corporate street smarts is what is going to get the job done successfully. 

This session shares '9 Secrets To Deliver Like a Consultant'. Packed with observations, insight and ideas, Mohamed suggests the behaviors and traits that make-up a successful consultant and shape their delivery.

Main takeaways:

Mohamed is a Senior Manager at consulting firm, Saratoga, a Cape Town based technology enablement consulting firm. Over and above the business of consulting, Mohamed leads a team of Analysts and Project Managers and continuously works towards improving the maturity of organizational delivery practices within his consultancy and the industry at large. Mohamed is a member of the University of Witwatersrand’s Information Systems Advisory Board as well as a consultant to the University of Cape Town’s 2nd year IS Department. From an IIBA involvement, Mohamed has served on the South African National Board as Treasurer and Director, later becoming Chairman of the Western Cape Committee, in order to promote and enhance the Business Analysis profession in South Africa. Mohamed has consulted for the last 14 years with a key focus on the Financial Services, Retail and Government (revenue services and tax).