E1 - How business analysts can get ahead of the skills curve

The future of Business Analysis has never looked more exciting or intimidating – depending on which perspective one comes from. In a dynamic environment where both technology and business models rapidly change, the ways in which software is being delivered vary significantly and feature markedly different turnaround times. When one considers the impact of competing on a global scale, it is understandable that companies are increasingly outsourcing work as well as implementing flexible staffing solutions to afford them optimum agility. All of these changes are affecting the world of the professional Business Analyst. Whether you plan to stay a BA for the duration of your career, hope to evolve into a management role or dream of entering another part of the innovation chain, this discussion will offer insights that will assist in cultivating a fruitful career. These insights will, amongst other things, pivot around the skills required within the modern Business Analysis environment, the career paths and opportunities available to someone pursuing a career in business analysis as well as the ever-evolving remuneration in the industry. Anyone interested in progressing or changing their careers will benefit from this discussion.

Main takeaways:

Martin’s career has enabled him to build an extensive blend of direct management experience and core knowledge in a number of areas of banking products and channels. He has an entrepreneurial nature and enjoys building companies and adapting to the constantly changing business environment. Building strong teams has been one of the pillars of his success and he is well-rounded in developing strategies and the implementation thereof. His role as Chief Operating Officer at Mindworx involves being responsible for marketing, finance, analytics and IT. His responsibilities include the Mindworx Academy and permanent recruitment teams, and he is jointly accountable for the development of the business. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Martin held senior product management positions at Nedbank, with teams of product managers, business analysts and project managers reporting to him. Martin enjoys connecting with people and has a passion for fitness. Where possible he combines the two to invest in his extensive network within the financial services arena. His goal is to make a contribution to solving the unemployment crisis and transforming society through Mindworx’ CSI work with the Alexander Education Centre and the Mindworx Academy. From an academic perspective Martin is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is a member of SAICA.