W5 - ABC - Building the Agile Business Case

The business case should do more than justify starting a project. In fact, the typical pre-project, static snapshot that passes for a business case today is often incomplete, misleading and rife with false expectations. It’s time for an overhaul. Learn instead how to create a dynamic business case. Apply agile principles to business case thinking. Let the business case evolve while it guides better decisions toward optimizing value. In this interactive workshop, see how the business case complements "Use Case 2.0" (Jacobson) and the "Scaled Agile Framework" (Leffingwell). Adopting ABCs in your organization impacts the Business Architect, Business Analyst, Program Manager and most importantly everyone on the business team from Product Sponsor to process SME. The agile perspective allows the entire team to:                       

The workshop will highlight case histories where the business case improved accountability and radically changed what was thought to be the best solution.

Main takeaways:

Peter Johnson is a Certified Business Analysis Professional since 2007, a founding member of the IIBA New Jersey Chapter, and co-lead for the IIBA Chapter Maturity Model with Curtis Michelson. As a Director of IT Business Solutions, consultant and trainer, Peter helps clients realize greater value from projects. He held several positions in strategic pricing, product marketing and managing partner relationships. Currently he develops and delivers advanced courseware such as planning, implementing and scaling Agile projects; leveraging financial analysis for better project outcomes; using multiple perspectives for problem solving; and integrating modeling and facilitation techniques. He has been a speaker at the Agile Transformation Summit, BA World and Building Business Capability conference, as well as IIBA chapter meetings worldwide.