B3 - The Indispensable BA: Becoming a compass for change

In a fast paced modern business landscape companies are continually reviewing their value proposition for their chosen market to ensure that their products and services remain relevant.  In this constant cycle we find many external drivers of change that push the boundaries of how those products and services are delivered. As a consumer we are constantly reminded of the ‘innovations’ that have been added to our products and services.  The question that this presentation focusses on is do we really need these innovations? Do they add value to consumers? What problem is actually being solved? The above questions highlight the opportunity for Business Analysts to become indispensable to organizations by ensuring that solutions and the business needs they meet ultimately add real measurable business value. The presentation will show how the Business Analyst can ensure that real problems are solved for real issues through the exploration of the following questions; 

Main takeaways:

  1. Learn what ‘value’ really means and how to ensure that value is ultimately achieved.
  2. Understand how to look at the same problem from different perspectives.
  3. Understand the role a business analyst plays in managing conflicting stated stakeholder requirements.
  4. Learn how to become a trusted advisor rather than a documenter.
  5. Learn how to take steps towards being indispensable to any organization.

Ryan Folster is an up-and coming Business Analyst from Johannesburg South Africa. His strong focus on innovation as well as involvement in the Business Analyst community have seen Ryan develop professionally from a small company, serving a small amount of users, to large multi-national organisations. Having merged into Business Analysis through the business domain, Ryan has developed a firm grounding and provides context to the methodologies applied to clients and projects he is working on. Ryan has gained exposure to the Human Resources, Asset Management as well as Financial Services sectors, working on projects that span from Enterprise Line of Business Software to Business Intelligence and Compliance. Ryan is also heavily involved in the local chapter of IIBA, currently holding the position of Head of Technology and Social Media. Ryan is passionate about the role a Business Analyst plays within an organisation, and is a firm believer that the role will develop further in the future and become a crucial aspect of any successful business.