C3 - Help! My teams gone Agile!

Agile in the business analyst space is a hot topic right now. Business analysts often feel when Agile comes along there is no room for them, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Business Analysts are needed now more than ever but need to adapt to an agile way of work with lighter requirements, more collaboration and certainly more fun! Come and join us as we take you on quick journey in how you can experience the Agile world!

Main takeaways:

Sue Bramhall inspires people in the software industry to adapt and work in an Agile way to increase productivity, efficiency and value. She has been using various tools to achieve this, some of the more  popular being Scrum, Kanban & Safe. Besides training, coaching and evangelising Agile, Sue focuses on adapting document-heavy business analysis into light and lean requirements for development. Her latest addition the Agile Business Analysis accredited course is the first in Africa and Europe and proves to be a winner! Coaching and training have always prevailed in her 15-year-plus IT career, and she has been rolling out an Agile way of work to companies for over six years. Prior to this, she has spent extensive periods focusing on business analysis, managing software teams and project management. Bramhall currently runs a boutique IT consultancy called Solutionsonsite.