D3 - Professional Careers: A Long and Winding Road - Being a Professional in the Knowledge Economy

In a world where the average working person may change jobs and even careers several times, how can one navigate and manage the twists and turns of a professional career?  When expert advice can be had with the push of a button, information is readily and freely available, and our actions and opinions have the potential to reach a global audience (sometimes with unintended consequences) how are we to make a professional contribution and impact?
It goes without saying that being a practicing professional requires a set of recognisable competencies and skills:  this is readily discussed and described in many forums.  So this presentation is not really about skills and competencies, but seeks to go beyond the job description to explore the behaviour, practices, culture and mindset of what it means to be a professional in the Knowledge Age. Building a professional career is very much a personal journey, so the presentation will draw on quotes, tweets and one-liners from a variety of professional people, some in real-time, to enrich the discussion and cast different perspectives on the topic.  The audience is also invited to contribute, online and in real-time.

Key takeaways include: