E3 - Fit for Purpose - A case study in communicating requirements more effectively

How often have you worked on a project where “Agile” effectively means higher churn masked as iterative delivery? I believe that the way in which we are communicating requirements is contributing to this problem. Requirements documents are often too daunting for business stakeholders with limited technical understanding, while developers do not have the time to wade through pages and pages of text.  This often results in missed requirements and misaligned stakeholder expectations. Therefore, I propose a new approach, one that focuses on understanding our stakeholders and combines better requirements visualisation with cloud based tools. In this session, I will outline the principles and methodology behind the approach. Using a case study, I will also demonstrate the tools I used and how this approach could be applied to any client or project.

Main takeaways:

Treska began her career in client services, and later evolved into a training facilitator. Her affinity for technology allowed her to move into business analysis in 2008.  Since then Treska has worked across a number industries including financial services, healthcare and fitness. Currently, Treska is a Senior Business Analyst at EOH MC Solutions and is expanding her expertise into the field of user experience. She finds the most fulfilment at work in understanding people's needs, and providing solutions that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.