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Information Technology & Office Design in High Tech Buildings

Mike Barrow BI Associates

Roger Camrass Butler Cox, UK

Computer Mail

Christo Wiese Pepkor
Don Caldwell Frontline
Uri Galimidi Andersen Consulting
Dave Powell Barlow Rand Computer Services
Peter Terblanche Computer Support

Anna Maria Salehar VLD Automation Implementation Consultancy, The Netherlands
Leonard Kleinrock University of California, USA

Bridging the Gap

Terry Rosenberg Prefcor
Steve Conradie XPS
Ray Holtshousen Standard Bank
Colin Palmer CSSA
Humphrey Worthington-Smith WS&A
Piet Opperman Liberty Life
Richard Smith Pim Goldby
Graham Bell Grinaker Data Systems
Chris Hurst Pick 'n Pay
Alan Knott-Craig SAPO
Tony Hoffman Old Mutual
Ray Diedericks Old Mutual
Rob Wallace ISM
Dr Willie Boshoff Nedbank
Derek Smith UCT
Cedric Tyler Infomet
Maureen Hovy Wits University
Laurie Mutch Shell SA
Peter Cowie Alusaf
Dr Jonathan Miller UCT
Prof Grant Schutte Consultant
Kevin Roberts ISM Consulting Group

Prof Ned Hill Brigham Young University, Utah, USA
Prof J Daniel Couger University of Colorado, USA

Cabling Technology

PL Davies CSSA
Dr S H Robertson ATC
E Rubenstein Lattice Technologies
B Helps STC Data Systems
R Wells Advanced Cabling
RD Wittert Lan Design
A Stevens Data Devices
A Hardwick First National Bank
NJ Janse van Rensburg CSIR
GR Daniels SAPT
RN Phillips Aberdare Telecommunications
B Sanders ISM


Managing Change

Andre Jaquet Dept. of Foreign Affairs
Dr John Hanks SANF
David Jack V & A Waterfront Company
Wilson Cuba Andersen Consulting



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