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Prof. Malcolm McDonald Seminars 1996


Prof Malcolm McDonald Cranfield University, UK

Understanding Windows Architecture


Rogers Farr Knowledge Now Inc, USA

Integrating Marketing & Sales Planning


Prof Malcolm McDonald Cranfield University, UK

Understanding PC Architecture & Memory Management


Rogers Farr & Mike Brown Knowledge Now Inc, USA

Local Business Marketing & Professional Selling Strategies


Bill Gibson Canada's Number One Business Speaker

Innovative Marketing Tactics that really work


Bill Gibson Canada's Number One Business Speaker

Building Sales Excellence from the inside out


Bill Gibson Canada's Number One Business Speaker

The Internet

Gert Blij Founder and MD, ITST


Developing Science and Technology centers in Southern Africa

Roger Jardine Dept. Arts, Culture, Science & Technology
Dr Khotso Mokhele FRD
Prof Lötz Strauss University of Pretoria
Derek Fish Manager, Unizul Science Centre
M Moolah Principal, St Lukes College
Dr Kopano Taole Manager, FRD


Transforming your sales force for the 21st century


David Kahle President, DaCo Corporation, USA

Smart selling: sales techniques for peak performance


David Kahle President, DaCo Corporation, USA

Understanding Windows95 Architecture


Rogers Farr & Mike Brown Knowledge Now Inc, USA

Century Date Change Year 2000

Gavin Douglas-Hamilton MD&A
John Scully Director of Services, IBM Africa
Geoff Spires Divisional Manager, MD&A
Trevor Rorbye Partner, Ernst & Young
Arthur Williamson Sales & Marketing Director, Microsoft SA
Mark Knight Product Manager, Computer Associates Africa
Mike Howell Unit Manager, IBM SA

Louis Marcoccia Director, New York City Transit Authority

Risk Management & International Finance


Prof Nahum Biger Academic Director, University of Bradford, Israel

Internet 96

Andile Ngcaba Postmaster-General
Dr Tony Heher Dept. Trade & Industry
Rob Katz Managing Director, Microsoft SA
Gert Blij Managing Director, ITST
Colin Greenwood Assistant Town Clerk, Cape Town City Council
Quentin George Producer, Electric Ocean
Helmar Rudolph Managing Director, Canopus Marketing Corporation
Trevor Rorbey Partner, Ernst & Young
Deon Botha Managing Director, Aztec Information Systems
Dana Buys Managing Director, Workgroup Systems
Derek Wilcocks Managing Director, Trusted Network Solutions
Niall Murphy Systems Publishing Director
Neil Hinrichsen Director, Realtime
Anthony Brooks Special Projects Manager, Global One Business Solutions
David Franke Managing Director, Internet Solutions
Roy Isacowitz Manager, Financial Mail
Andrew Morris Independent Online News Service
Paul Rossouw Project Coordinator, Systems Inter@ctive
Paul Everitt General Manager, Info Africa
Abe Fullard General Manager, Sun Microsystems
Malcolm Estment Manager, Old Mutual
Mark Todes Managing Director, PIPEX/Internet Africa
Graeme Victor Managing Director, Computicket
Avi Azulay Managing Director, InTouche Information Systems
Gregg Williams Senior Technical Support Engineer, Realtime
John Bannister Director, Onware
Richard Weideman Virtual Prisoner

Stefano Zanini Director of Internet Services, IBM Europe

Digital Printing & Publishing Update


Andrew Tribute Chief Executive, Attributes Consultancy

Marketing & Sales Success Convention & Expo 96

Brad Pretorius President IMM, CEO & MD, McCarthy Motor Holdings
Kerrin Myres Chief Executive, Illuminology cc
Tony Manning Author & Corporate Strategist
Peter Laburn & Mark Johnson Peter Laburn International (Pty) Ltd
Colin Hudson Director, IMM
Avroy Shlain Managing Director, Avroy Shlain Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd
Veronica Devine Vice-President, Justin-Avon (Pty) Ltd
Stephen Blewett National Sales Manager, Shell SA (Pty) Ltd
Derek Jooste Co-Founder, HRDQ

Roy Chitwood President, Max Sacks Inc, USA
Thomas Bonoma Chairman, Renaissance Cosmetics Inc, USA
Prof Michael Morris Executive Director, Morris & Associates, USA
Dr Chris Graff Marketing Director, First Choice Marketing, UK
Mark Blessington Principal & Co-Director Sales, Sibson & Company, USA
Tillie O'Neal-Kyles Marketing & Sales Director, Corporate Scenes Inc, USA
Dave Kahle USA
Bill Gibson CEO, Gibson International Seminars, Canada

CSSA 8th Annual Conference

Prof Ken MacGregor CSSA Western Cape
Simon Reynolds President, CSSA
Dr Hasmukh Gajjar Managing Director, Zimele Technologies & Chairman, Black IT Forum
Edwin Blake Senior Lecturer, UCT
Wolgang Grulke Chief Executive, FutureWorld Consultancy
Denis Smit Managing Director, BMI-TechKnowledge
Chris Ball CEO, Olympic Bid Company
Brian Mollagrean Managing Director, TranSwitch Services
Dr Jonathan Miller Director: Centre for Information Systems, GSB, UCT
Gert Blij Managing Director, ITST
Martin Dolny Managing Director, ISP
Rob Katz Managing Director, Microsoft SA
Neil Hinrichsen Director, Realtime
Lee Le Roux Director, Tinderbox Interactive
Wayne Furphy Partner, Andersen Consulting
Piero Granelli Managing Director, DA Consulting Group
Herman Fick Director, Quantum Systems Integrators
Peter Lake Group Consultant, Gengold
Terry Sandy Director, African Outsourcing
Chris J Denyschen Senior Manager, ABSA
Shane Wilson Technical Consultant, Sanlam
Graham Withers Senior Manager, Sage Life
Warren Topp Senior Manager, Southern Life
Hein Gerber Business Development Manager, Blue Sky Networks
Ed Gassner Managing Director, CDE
Prof Blackie Lahoud Executive, Telkom
Dr Rossouw von Solms Lecturer, Port Elizabeth Technikon
Audrey Briel Industrial Psychologist
René Faasen Managing Director, Verhoef Training
Trevor Allman Development Manager, Saftainer
Wendy Thomson Managing Director, Computer Appointments
Alan Knott-Craig Managing Director, Vodacom
James Fitzgerald Managing Director, EDS
Joe Tsotetsi Division Head, M-Cel
Dr Willie Boshoff Technology Executive, IBM SA

Albert Chuang Chief Technology Officer, BEA Systems Inc., USA


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