Various types of commercially viable sponsorship opportunities are available to sponsors for PTC 2020:

  1. Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship.
  2. Name Branding of functions.
  3. Sponsorship of a variety of specific items.

The following sponsorship packages provide a high degree of flexibility, combining a number of traditional branding elements with added-value opportunities for addressing the conference attendees and communicating a corporate message. Naturally P.R. releases and press coverage around the conference will add further to the value of the package.


1. Gold, Silver & Bronze

As a Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor of the PTC 2020 conference, your company will be clearly identified as one of most important contributors through visual branding and clear identification in conference promotional material and documentation. Your logo will be significantly prominent at the event.



The gold, silver or bronze sponsorship give  your company substantial direct tangible benefits in terms of free tickets to the conference and cocktail party, free display space and all the added prestige and exposure of being recognised as a major sponsor, plus, the opportunity to further enhance your sponsorship by the distribution of appropriate promotional items to the delegates.  

As a gold, silver or bronze sponsor, your company is given preference to gain increased exposure to either provide or sponsor any of the specific sponsorship items listed under section 3.


2. Name Branding of Functions



3. Sponsorship of Specific Items

The following items or any other appropriately useful items may be provided or sponsored. (Estimated requirement 200)



We are most willing to discuss implementation of the above or any other ideas you may have for your company participation in adding value for the delegates and exposure for your organisation.

We hope to conclude most of the major sponsorship agreements before the end of June 2020 so we can include the names of the major sponsors in the main wave of advertising.

We look forward to welcoming you on board as a sponsor of PTC 2020 and look forward to working with you to make it a valuable and rewarding event for all participants.


Click here to download the Call for Papers & Sponsors Document