7th - 8th May 2015Crystal Towers Hotel, Century City, Cape Town

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Following on a very successful conference in 2014 we continue to explore opportunities to create a more attractive, friendly, secure, and sustainable environment for development in the Western Cape.

We will once again be bringing together influential people from the public and private sector to identify the hurdles frustrating developers and the challenges facing both developers and planning authorities with the growing complexity of regulation.

  •  “Africa is growing through its cities. With an annual urbanisation rate of 3.5% over the past two decades, Africa’s cities are the fastest growing in the developing world. Currently, about 40% of the continent’s one billion people live in cities and towns; and it is estimated that in the next few years, some African cities will be home to as much as 85% of their country’s population. ” Africa Housing Finance Report 2013
  • “The world’s cities are facing an onslaught. Some 60 million people become city dwellers every year, according to the World Health Organization. This astonishing number is set not only to continue but to increase dramatically. Almost all urban population growth in the next 30 years will occur in cities of developing countries” WHO

South Africa is experiencing similar escalating growth in population movement from rural areas to the cities and the ever growing demand for housing, education and healthcare.

Planning authorities, under extreme pressure to handle this demand and grappling to prevent opportunistic abuse, are responding by increasing the level of regulation.

Property development is subject to complex and often contradictory legislation and policy. Even government suffers due to this confusion and is grappling, at various levels, to deliver infrastructure and housing projects.

Property development is hampered by the complexity of regulations and the interpretation of these by difference levels of government and officials. Delays in getting approval are costly and seriously discourage development.

Property development has become a gamble!


 The conference will ask the questions:

  • What role is development playing in the Western Cape economy?
  • To what extent is the Western Cape and Cape Town an investment friendly environment? 
  • What is being done to assist the industry in finding a road map through the plethora of regulation?
  • Where are the practical partnerships between government and the private sector?
  • Where, in this context, is the finance industry?


We aim to conclude the conference by creating a WCPDF position statement on improving the working relationship between developers and planning authorities.






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