B. Marais
Wind power for unserved areas
E. Moses
Wind energy for Liberia’s reconstruction and development
N. da Silva
Evaluation of sustainability in the Brazilian Wind Power Enterprise
G. Tavares
Brazil — The Next Huge Wind Energy Market
G. Braun
The potential of Wind Energy for Indonesia
P. Busch
Competitive Diffusion: Feed–in–Tariffs and Quotas for the
Promotion of Renewable Energy
A. Mhlanga
Defining the potential role of wind energy among
Zimbabwe’s rural population
K. Dev Bhattarai
Wind Energy and its Potential in Nepal
P. Shipkovs
Development of Wind Energy Utilisation in Latvia
R. Kipke
Wind conditions and farm projects in Egypt; Korea; Jordan;
Sri Lanka


C. Korte
Energy Prediction in Complex Terrain — an alternative to WAsP
M. Çaliskan
Wýnd Energy Development ýn Turkey
G. Tavares
Estimation of Data missing Values in Wind Measurements Data Set
I. Proshkina
Legislative measures and information dissemination as tools to promote wind energy in Russia
J. Rozenkrons
The Influence of Wind Power Plants to Reactive Power Balance on Load Centres in Latvia
G. Dmitriev
Legislation for the Russian power sector to advance wind power
L. Procopiak
Development of a new methodology for wind resource assessment
K. Törnblom
Simulations and measurements of mesoscale flow modifications in the Baltic Sea area
N. Johnson
Status and Challenges for Norwegian Wind Power
T. Sharpe
The Potential for Urban Turbine use on Multi–Storey Housing in Glasgow
C. van Wyk
Beaufort West, South Africa, wind project
H. Mwanyika
Determination of the power law at Makambako–Iringa, Tanzania


T. Uyar
Wind Turbine Technology Scaling Up
M. Luhrs
A statement on the service life of wind turbines: practical results after more than 20 years of experience
A. Hwass
Determination of Geometrical Shape and Theoretical Performance of a Wind Rotor Blade of 1 MW WECS at Low Wind Speed Regions
F. Akwensivie
An Assessment of Wind Energy Potential in Ghana using WAsP


S. Szewczuk
Hybrid mini–grid energy systems — its contribution to an integrated approach to sustainable development
S. Dechang
China set up small wind power station in Pakistan
Y. Hangye
Investigation of the Control of Variable–Speed Constant–Frequency WECs
R. Oliva
Operation and two–year production data report of a wind–powered rural school in South Patagonia
T. de Souza
Evaluation of the Permanent Magnets Generator for Power Supply Moved by Wind Mill of 18 Blades
E. Spinadel
Cost analysis of a hydrogen storage system for a stand–alone wind energy system
E. Sweelem
A Self–Tuning Fuzzy PI Controller for PV–Wind–Diesel–Battery Hybrid Energy Systems
L. Akeson
New Wind–Diesel System from PitchWind®
A. Costa
African case studies of hybrid Power Systems Potential Assessment by means of Time–Space Analysis


A. Widing
Education for Wind Power Development in non–industrialised countries
M. Ram
Mohan Building capacities through legal measures in the urban
areas of India: The Key to the Wind Energy Future


N. da Silva
Land Usage and Value in the Composition of the Costs of the Wind Power Projects in Brazil
N. Gerona
Pioneering Initiative in Environmental Monitoring: Northern Luzon Wind Power Project, Philippines


O. Fleig
Aeroacoustics Simulation of wind turbine tip noise using Large Eddy simulation
T. Denton
Aerodynamic Design, Analysis and Testing of a Wind Turbine for South African Wind Conditions
M. Khan
Performance comparison of a Small PM Wind Generator Operated at Maximum Power and Maximum Torque Capture
T. de Souza
Software for Design of Wind Power Systems of Electric Generation of Energy For Small Powers
T. Uyar
Main barriers for wind power development in Turkey

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