Africa CDC would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all authors for sharing their poster presentations at the Inaugural One Health virtual conference:

covid-19 & one health

Low Lassa Fever Case Count and the COVID-19 Response in Nigeria: A Cursory Review of the 2021 COVID-19 and Lassa Fever Surveillance Data from January to May 2021.
New Zoonotic Coronavirus Pandemic: The Application of Wastewater-Based Epidemiology (WBE) from the Perspective of One Health
Harnessing Interpersonal Communication and Trusted Leadership to Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Hard-to-Reach Wildlife Communities in Uganda
Involvement of the African Veterinary Laboratories of the MediLabSecure Network in the COVID-19 Crisis

rabies & one health

Incidence and Seroprevalence of Rabies Virus in Humans, Dogs and Other Animal Species in Africa, a systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Improving Surveillance of Human and Animal Rabies in Centre Region of Cameroon from 2019 to 2020
Mass Dog Vaccination Against Rabies – Itezhi-Tezhi District, Zambia, 2021
Stepwise Approach Towards 2030 - Eliminating Rabies in Tanzania using One Health Approach

zoonotic disease surveillance or outbreak RESPONSE

Surveillance Studies for Influenza A Viruses at the Human-Animal Interface in South Africa
Impact of One Health Approach in Management of Monkeypox Outbreaks in Nigeria from September 2017 to August 2021
Widespread Outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in a Camel Cohort and Associated Spillover to Humans in Kenya

operational research

Strengthening Multisectoral Coordination to Address Priority Zoonotic Diseases: A Review of Disease Surveillance Systems in Uganda
One Health at the Project Level: Reducing the Threat of Rift Valley Fever through Ecology, Epidemiology and Socio-Economics
Lethal and Sub Lethal Effects of Ivermectin on Anopheles Arabienisis under Laboratory Condition: An Approach for Malaria Elimination


Impact of One Health in the Dairy Sector in Côte d’Ivoire: Contribution of Microbiology and Technology
Using Computational Modeling and Dngineering Analysis to Enhance One Health Approach in Improving AMR Outcomes in Urban Slums and Refugee Camps
Factors Associated with Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics Among Animal Health Professionals in Five District, Rwanda, 2021


The Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites and Associated Risk Factors in School-going Children from Informal Settlements in Nakuru Town, Kenya
The Toxic Effects of Spent Crankcase Oil Exposures; Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
The Presence of Snakes in Croplands: A Serious Conflict Threat to the Local Farmers in Bertoua Municipality, Eastern Region, Cameroon
Preliminary Survey of the Implications of Fuel Sources in Traditional Fish Smoking on One Health in Selected Coastal Communities of Lagos, Nigeria.