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Stand 203 - Conver-Tek | Davis & Deale | Hybrid Infinity | Suresight Automatic | Zambezi Sanitation

Conver-Tek has been in the technology of injection moulding and precision mould making since 1975. Our facility boasts a world-class Toolroom, as well as a production facility that is equipped with 24 machines, ranging from 25T to 650T clamp capacity. Contact: / +2711 827 2460.  

Davis & Deale has been developing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting innovative water-related products since 1980. As experts in our field, our greatest achievement is setting the international benchmark by changing brass-bodied water meters, valves and fittings to engineering polymers, which is now used in all potable water systems. Contact: / +2711 827 2460.  

The Hybrid Infinity (HI) solar module is the next generation in small-scale, co-generation renewable energy technology that can produce both electricity and thermal (hot water) energy from the sun. It is unique in that both energies can be produced simultaneously from the same module area. Contact: / +2711 827 2460.  

Suresight Automatic offers archers two ground-breaking products that will substantially improve their accuracy and confidence. The Suresight is easy to set up and quickly ranges the correct shooting dot with a resolution of only 0.5mm. The Glow Nock is rechargeable, offers users 30 hours of use, with easy on, off, and sleep modes. No special tools needed. Contact: / +2711 827 2460.  

Zambezi Sanitation‘s vision is to reduce the increasing demand for water extracted from African rivers. The Zambezi Eye Cistern is designed to save water by using modern outlet technology to eliminate the rubber seal that causes most of the leaks in toilets. The Zambezi Gutter is easy to install, as it simply slides onto all roof types, enabling homeowners to harvest their own rainwater, particularly in rural areas and informal settlements where the roofs do not cater to traditional gutters. Contact: / +2773 454 7029.

Stand 209/210 B - Engiwave JV Lepelele Engineering

Repair and Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

  • Hoses and fittings.
  • Hydraulic and air gauges.
  • High pressure hoses.
  • Repair Valve banks.
  • Steel tubes and flexible tubes for air and hydraulic fluids.
  • Supply seals all types.
  • Repair and refurbish gearboxes vRepair and refurbish powerpacks.

Contact: / +2782 343 6280.  

Stand 209/210 C - Aztec Agri Systems

At Aztec Agri Systems we strive to create a brighter future for all. Our company focuses on coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions for the Agri sector. We focus mainly on Hydroponic and Aquaculture systems for the commercial market, but we also have products for the retailers market.

We have recently developed a vertical farming product that increases yield an productivity. With these technologies farming is more intensive and takes the pressure of from our natural resources. We are also continuously improving our current products and developing new ones.

Our quick and innovative solutions are achieved through the help of quick 3D printing, rotomoulding and fast prototyping.

At Aztec want to have happy customers and leave the world a better place with our global ideas and modern technologies.

Contact: / +2772 044 9865.

Stand 209/210 E - Mitochondria Energy

Mitochondria provides sustainable bespoke software & technology solutions to power the Hydrogen Economy​ and exists to develop and market fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

Contact: / +2711 486 1555.

Stand 209/210 G - Werwel Holdings

Werwel Holdings specialises in producing uniquely designed hand-crafted Retro and Rustic styled cabinets, and antique styled ornamental and functional pieces such as side-table lights and mirrors. Our products carry our ‘trademark’ look and feel, our unique features and accessories, and each piece is individually signed and authenticated by our Founder and CEO.
We only use raw materials that are of the highest quality as well as recycling and upcycling discarded quality items such as chandeliers and other glass and wood products.

Contact: / +2776 494 8773.

Stand 209/210 H - Moulding Technicians

Moulding Technicians is a tooling industry based company. The company’s main focus is within the tool die and mould making, with a wide range of coverage of tool design, mould manufacturing, stamping tool manufacturing, maintenance of moulds and press tools, and engineering changes of existing components.

Our services are the following:

Blow Moulding
Injection Moulding
CAM programming–CNC
Tool Design
Software Sales

Contact: / +2773 475 2781.

Stand 209/210 I - HH Industries

HH Industries is a dynamic company with expertise spanning four key focus areas, making it a significant player in the realm of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing services across Africa. With a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, the company offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

HH Industries excels in providing advanced manufacturing solutions through cutting-edge 3D printing technologies. The company specializes in producing intricate and unique components for a variety of industries, including aerospace, defence, mining, oil& gas, and more.

Metal Additive Manufacturing (also referred to as metal 3D Printing) technologies have been widely adopted and accepted by the Aerospace, Dentistry, Oil & Gas, Medical and Tooling industries. HH Industries has the
expertise to service these and many of the other industries in Africa that can benefit from utilising Metal Additive Manufacturing in their operations.

Contact: / +2784 810 9281.

Stand 215 - South African Council for the Architectural Profession

The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) is legally charged to regulate the architectural profession in South Africa by the Architectural Profession Act 2000, Act 44 of 2000. The architectural profession includes professional architects, senior architectural technologists, architectural technologists, draughtspersons, specified categories, and candidates in each of the categories of registration, all of whom are required to be registered with SACAP before they can practice architecture.

Contact: / +2711 479 5000.  

Stand 216 - Atlantis Foundries

As an intrinsic part of the Daimler Truck family, Atlantis Foundries has expanded its global footprint and exports to America and Europe. Our first-class plant manufactures a gross melting capacity in excess of 100 000 tons annually and predominately supplies to the Mercedes-Benz Actros, FUSO, and Freightliner Cascadia Evolution product ranges.

Contact: / +2721 573 7200.  

Stand 217 - Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM)

Established in 1997 at the Central University of Technology, Free State, The Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) is a world-renowned centre which focuses on the development of products, medical devices and prototypes by means of state-of-the art Additive Manufacturing machines. CRPM completes more than 500 industry supported AM projects annually in order to ensure the sustainability of the CRPM also has a strong focus on applied research in the AM field, looking for solutions to real world problems.

The Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) at CUT is at the forefront of the medical application of this technology in South Africa, with a certification in ISO 13485 quality management standard since 2016. The Centre has been involved in this field from as early as 2007 and has established an impressive track record in the design and manufacturing of custom-made medical implants through the use of different AM technologies for both plastic and metal materials. The CRPM has recently acquired a ceramic 3d printing machine to increase the scope of medical applications the centre can support.

Contact: / +2751 507 3686.  

Stand 218 - Stellenbosch Technology Centre - Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing

The Stellenbosch Technology Centre – Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing (STC-LAM) is part of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Stellenbosch. The centre is founded upon three main focus areas, namely Research and Development, Innovation Action Projects and Education and Training.

Our mission is simple: to deliver novel research, resource efficient solutions and high-quality education.

At the Stellenbosch Technology Centre – Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing (STC-LAM), state of the art equipment for both subtractive and additive manufacturing is utilized towards maintaining already established high quality outputs.

Our services include:

  • High speed machining on 3, 3+2 and 5 axis mills, as well as a multi-axis turn mill
  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing in multiple metals, resins and filaments
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CAD design and simulation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Project Management
  • Technology Transfer
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Internships

Contact: / +2721 808 4128.  

Stand 301 - Gühring Cutting Tools

Gühring is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of rotary precision tools for metal machining. With more than 8 000 employees world-wide, 3 500 in Germany and in excess of 70 production locations in 48 countries, the company develops, manufactures and distributes innovative cutting tools. Gühring is present in all important markets. Customers in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry or in general engineering count on trendsetting tools manufactured to uniform quality standards of the highest level.

Contact: / +2787 015 0200.  

Stand 302C - AAT Composites

AAT Composites is a high-tech design and manufacturing company, developing advanced, lightweight composite products for the leading players in the aircraft interior and aircraft seating industry.

Contact: / +2721 850 7000.  

Stand 306 - Wagner Systems

Wagner Systems is a Cape Town-based ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer in the field of precision engineering, specializing in the production of fine mechanics components and assemblies.

Founded in 1965, the company provides specialist precision engineering services to customers in various industries worldwide. These include, amongst other, Medtech enterprises (dental implant systems, audiology/hearing aids, cardiovascular, ophthalmology and endoscopy), aerospace, radioastronomy, the mechanical industry, industry in general, even music instrument and model car builders!

Wagner Systems’ capabilities cover a wide spectrum of requirements, including machining of fine mechanical components to small tolerances, fine mechanics assemblies, fine spur gear machining for modules ≤0.8 mm, passivation of stainless steel, laser marking, manual and automatic polishing, as well as colour coding of metal, including titanium anodizing, and colour bands by UV-cured ceramic-based paint.

The company’s processes include machining (mostly CNC mill-turning), surface finishing and treatment, as well as assembly and acceptance testing. It, furthermore, produces fine mechanics components and assemblies in a range of raw materials, including titanium, stainless steel, cobalt alloys, aluminium, brass, beryllium copper, oxygen-free copper, precious metal alloys, and tool steel as well as engineering plastics, including PEEK, POM, PPSU , Teflon and more.

Wagner Systems has the flexibility to support both established businesses and newcomers to industry. It is particularly geared to offer series and batch production of fine mechanics components and assemblies, and production of components for prototype development. Although positioned in the mainstream international production environment, Wagner Systems also has the flexibility to do small lot production as is often required in prototyping when new product designs are being developed. It is also positioned to give guidance and advice on component design for manufacturability.

Contact: / +2721 715 8713.  

Stand 303 - DG Capital

DG CAPITAL: A leading global financial services player.

DG Capital is a global financial services group, that specialises in a diverse range of services encompassing funding, advisory, insurance, and logistics. With a client-centric approach, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and aspirations. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation has made us a trusted partner for wealth creation and preservation.

We recognise that each client has a unique financial journey. Whether your goal is to seize growth opportunities, generate income, preserve capital, or explore our specialised offerings such as incentives and custom duties, funding solutions, forex services, clean energy solutions, insurance broking, global logistics, supply chain optimisation, or trading solutions, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of investing and financial planning alongside you. We provide personalised guidance and tailor-made strategies to help you achieve your specific objectives and empower you on your path to success.

At DG Capital, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and providing our clients with the expertise and guidance they need to achieve their financial objectives. With our comprehensive approach, we strive to offer holistic solutions across various domains, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support and advice.

Contact: / +27117289625.  

Stand 307 - Somta Tools

Somta Tools is the largest cutting tool manufacturer & supplier of drills, reamers, end mills, bore cutters, threading tools, toolbits, solid carbide tooling, carbide insert tooling, custom tools and surface coating solutions in Africa, with a mission to become the undisputed leader of Machining Solutions in South Africa. Forming part of OSG Corporation assists with our goal as we now have increased exposure in the international market and are able to deliver high quality OSG products into the local market. Further to this, we are now the official South African distributor for Korloy, a world renowned brand specialising in Tool Holders and Inserts for turning, milling and multipurpose; both with a full line-up of ISO standard and special tools.

Contact: / +27113908700.  

Stand 309 - Gehring Engineering

Machine design, manufacturing and automation incorporating pneumatics, hydraulics and PLC control.

Factory maintenance programs. Parts manufacturing of all ferrous, non-ferrous and tool steels. Specialised welding – CO2/Mig, stainless steel, aluminium and arc, machine rebuilding and servicing to the vast majority of industry. Spark eroding. Pipe work and installations. Centre lathe and milling machines.

Machine design for a wide range of industries
Manufacturing & automation pneumatics
Parts manufacturing of all ferrous
Non-ferrous and tool steels

Conveyor Belt Systems
Aircon Pipe Endformer
Automated Cut Off Saw
Headrest Assembly Jig
Automated Headrest Assembly Machines Heat Shrink Tape Dispenser
Industrial Battery Charger Mine Battery Tester
Seat Flaw Sensor Jig Tomato Bin Tipper
Wafer Cutter & Hopper

Contact: / +27437439212.  

Stand 310 - Capewell Springs and Metal Pressings | Gasket and Shim Industries

Capewell Springs and Metal Pressings was established in 1981. We are an engineering and design partner when it comes to developing your product as well as running small and once-off orders. With our own internal tool room, metal presses and cnc wire forming machines, Capewell is able to handle all aspects of manufacturing; including metal forming, heat treatment as well as electro-plating. Capewell customers’ exact requirements are always delivered thanks to our experience, technical know-how and quality management system. We have a proven track record as a major supplier to various industries including automotive, electrical, construction, agricultural and textile industries, to name a few. Capewell is ISO9001:2015 approved. All is well with Capewell. Contact: / +2721 505 9400.  

Gasket and Shim Industries manufacture gaskets, die-cut components and foam packaging inserts. Contact: / +2721 551 2584.  

Stand 311 - Total Onsite Machining Solutions

Total Onsite Machining Solutions is a leading on-site machining company based in South Africa, dedicated to delivering unparalleled machining services and solutions across diverse industries. With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in providing comprehensive on-site machining services that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our range of services encompasses a wide spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, mining, construction, and energy. Backed by a team of skilled and experienced technicians, we offer precision machining solutions directly at our clients’ locations, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming transportation of equipment.

From precision on site milling and turning to flange facing, line boring, and more, our expertise ensures seamless execution, reduced downtime, and optimal efficiency for your projects. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize delivering tailored solutions that align with each client’s specific requirements.

Contact: / +27832526077.  

Stand 312 - Daliff Precision Engineering

Established in 1972, Daliff Precision Engineering have become known as one of the leaders in the field of machined components for the aerospace, avitronics/electronics, rail and power industries.

Daliff Precision Engineering has unparalleled CNC machining capabilities, including 5 axis milling, which covers a wide range of small to large components with complicated 2D or 3D profiles. Working in medium to large batches, a wide variety of materials are utilized including aluminium, steels, titanium, Inconel, and other exotic material.

Contact: / +27213861851.  

Stand 313 - Dramco Tooling | Huntley Distribution

With 34 years of experience in the product design and manufacturing, Dramco Tooling is well versed in transforming your ideas to tangible products. The company specialises in press tool design and manufacture. It also designs and manufactures Injection moulds and thermo-forming moulds. It manufactures plastic injection moulded items and produces metal pressings. Dramco’s strategy is to sell across a broad spectrum of industries, in order to ameliorate the effect of cyclical swings in the various industries, affecting its own production. Our aim is to provide a turnkey solution to customers, by offering design, tool manufacture and production of products. Contact: / +27219054754.

At Huntley Distribution, our team’s focus is on helping Manufacturing Companies excel in their process, we help our customers to plan for the best strategy for running their machines at top level. We supply Technical support with the Cutting tools we supply. There is an easy way to do things & then there is the Huntley way of doing things. We’re not just sales people, we are born in this field. Contact: / +27847184563.

Stand 315B - CRM Tooling | MCR Plastics

CRM Tooling SA (Pty) Ltd is situated in the automotive industry belt of Kariega, Eastern Cape. Its main core is the manufacturing of new tools for the plastic injection industry locally. The company runs a project from the initial design stage to overseeing the final trial tests, prior to the handover of the tool to the client. We attend to all engineering changes, repairs and maintenance; and breakdowns of tools. CRM works closely with CR Moulds Lda, Head Office in Portugal on various projects. The advanced technology and shared knowledge from Europe, allow us to offer out-of-the-box solutions. By being based in Kariega, Eastern Cape; CRM is able to offer new tools at attractive prices as clients will forgo shipping and importing costs. Contact: / +27419220329 / +27769599438.

MCR Plastics is an ISO 9001:2015-certified service provider offering complete parts, manufactured with 2K/1K Injection moulding machines to the automotive OEM’s / Suppliers within South Africa. Our focus is to expand more on the 2K parts. MCR Plastics will provide innovative solutions for current market challenges, with the support of international partner. The key operational management of MCR Plastics is all highly qualified, extremely skilled and together have a 45 years of historical automotive experience in different fields of the automotive supply chain. With our excellent skills, great experience and the know-how, we as MCR Plastics ensure the best solutions for the most complex projects. Within the automotive sector, MCR Plastics will bring competitiveness and it will be a great honor to be part of transformation within South Africa. Contact: / +27834270015.

Stand 316 to 318 - GstarSoft (Stand 316) | Intratech (Stand 317 & 318)

Intratech is a leading Dassault Systemes Solution Partner providing Integrated 3DExperience Business, PLM, CAD, CAM and CAE solutions, along with implementation, training and consultancy services, to a broad Sub-Saharan Client base in the Automotive, Marine Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Aerospace & Defense Engineering sectors. Contact: / +2787 806 3199.

GstarSoft is a recognised leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and associated solutions for industries, including AEC, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics and GIS Survey and Mapping. With a proud 30 year history of technology innovation, GstarSoft is dedicated to providing fast and powerful DWG Compatible CAD software and solutions to a vast network of leading global customers and partners. Contact: / +2787 806 3199.

Stand 319 - Metallurgical and Manufacturing Services

Metallurgical & Manufacturing Services was established in 1998 following a downscaling action implemented by the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa at Pelindaba.

We have applied the experience gained during our time at NECSA to fulfil our mission to deliver exceptional services to our clients through cutting-edge technology and a team of highly qualified employees. MMS has 2200m³ of workspace, made up of four business units, each of which houses a manual machining & CNC workshop (4 & 5 axis), welding facility including PTA, EBW & CMT capabilities amongst the more conventional welding methods & a heat treatment zone.

Contact: / +2712 661 0922.

Stand 320 - CALDEAZ Manufacturing Technologies

CALDEAZ Manufacturing Technologies strives to deliver top quality products and services to their clients to enhance their manufacturing processes. These products currently include measuring arms, laser scanners, CMM machines, 3D Printers and Software, and services that include:

• 3D scanning,
• 3D measurement,
• Reverse engineering,
• 3D printing, and rapid prototyping

Caldeaz Manufacturing Technologies is the sole distributors of Kreon 3D Technologies, Aberlink and Pointshape world-leading products, in South Africa.

Caldeaz Manufacturing Technologies has forged strong relationships over years with international manufacturers of equipment, which currently include Kreon 3D Technolgies, Aberlink, Wiiboox, Peopoly, Thor 3D and Pointshape.

Software brands offered by CALDEAZ include Polyworks or any software on the Kreon software list, Zenith, Aberlink Inspection software, Oqton’s Geomagics Design X and Control X, Quicksurface reverse engineering software and the Pointshape inspection and reverse engineering software. Training on Geomagics, Zenith, Aberlink, Quicksurface and Pointshape software are also offered.

Contact: / +27827807305.

Stand 321 - Injection Technik

Injection Technik is an ISO 9001:2015-certified service provider to the plastic manufacturing industry with a heavy focus towards the automotive industry. Established in 2014 the company has grown to a staff compliment of 40 heads with locations in Port Elizabeth, East London & Pretoria.

Some of the services offered include mould repair & maintenance, engineering changes on moulds, hot runner support as well as processing support for new or existing moulds. Injection Technik also represents more than 30 international equipment manufacturers in the South African market.

The company is a leader in launch support to customers with a large influx of new processes & equipment. Their services offers a full turn key abilities from project planning & implementation to effecting fine tuning of the moulds as well as the moulding process to achieve the required customer specifications.

Contact: / +27414630032.

Stand 322 - Tooling Technik

Tooling Technik supplies various consumable components used in the manufacturing environment. These range from fluid fittings & couplers to heating products. There is also a division that caters for ancillary processing equipment. This varies from water & temperature control equipment to production monitoring services. We have a strong focus on offering service not sales.

Contact: / +27414630032.

Stand 323 - TK Manufacturing

1984-Company Formed
35 Employees
2 million Euro Turnover in 2022
Location Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Motor Component Manufacturer – Specializing in Press Tooling and Production of small to medium size metal components.
Customer Base
Deal mainly with multi-national companies within South Africa (Tenneco/Driv , Dana Spicer, Purem and VW.
Have secured export business to Argentina.
Manufacture over 100 different types of components.

Contact: / +27836544788.

Stand 401 & 402 - RGC Engineering

RGC Engineering was established in 1960 as a small Toolmaking business in Johannesburg providing a tool sharpening service to local engineering firms which developed into a high-precision Toolmaking Company. Dedicated to supplying the highest quality products of accuracy, the range of activities expanded to include, a third-party dimensional measuring facility, the Design, Reverse Engineering & Manufacture of specially produced form tools, jigs, fixtures, and the NC & CNC machining of high precision components. In 1975 a Sales Division was established to complement the Manufacturing Facilities to increase activities in the fields of Measurement, Metrology, and Machine Tools. To maintain customer satisfaction an after-sales backup service repair, and maintenance division was established 1980. RGC is now well established in the Measuring & Precision Manufacturing of Tooling and Machine Tools Industry and can offer the latest technologies in Measuring Equipment, Machining Tools, Tooling and 4 IR applications. RGC Engineering represents, sells, and stocks Mitutoyo, GOM, Marposs, and Hermle amongst other world-class companies. These products include small, medium, large, automated, industrial, and SPC measuring solutions. Our engineers and our staff are well trained to provide excellent local service, installation, training, and repair of products represented and supply an off-site and on-site measuring service.

Contact: / +2711 887 0800.

Stand 404 & 405 - DMG MORI

DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools and is driving holistic process integration based on technology integration, automation and digitization for greater sustainability.

In the “Global One Company”, more than 12,000 employees work together to be a total solution provider for our customers. DMG MORI is represented in 43 countries worldwide – with 16 production sites and 113 sales and service locations.

We consistently identify new trends, develop the required technology and implement them in our products. They work in an international environment on visions for future technology and design our products upon this basis. At the same time, they apply our company’s decades of experience for the development, design and manufacture of our machines.

In the interests of the highest innovation capacity, we have installed Technology Excellence Centers for the areas of Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold and Medical in our plants all around the world. There our employees continuously develop new ideas for the most diverse industries. Our key areas of focus are the development and production of high-tech turning and milling machines with our future-oriented fields of digitization, automation and additive manufacturing.

Contact: / +49 52 05 / 74 – 0.

Stand 406 - Retecon

Retecon is a leading machine tool supplier to the metalworking and related engineering industries. The Retecon Group represents a number of prestigious international manufacturers including DMG MORI, Trumpf, Alpha Laser, GF AgieCharmilles, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, to name a few.

For over 50 years, Retecon has covered all the metal forming and cutting disciplines including milling, turning, gear cutting, boring, grinding, tube and wire, EDM, pressing, punching, laser, bending and measuring by importing high quality, well-known brands from all over the world.

Retecon’s various products range from vertical and horizontal machining, turning, multi-spindle lathes, universal milling and boring, tool and cutter grinding, laser cutting systems, bending systems, punching, and forming machines, automatic sawing equipment, roll forming and tube bending machinery, manufacturing lines and much more.

Services offered by Retecon include: machine installation, servicing, repairs, importation of spare parts and consumables, programming, training, machine moves, time studies, after-hour support, project implementation and a portable coordinate measuring arm calibration service.

Why choose us:

  • We provide an extensive range of machinery from a variety of international brands.
  • We provide you with complete support. From machinery, sales, and installation to service, spare parts and relocation.
  • We are the only certified laboratory for calibration and verification of portable arms in Southern Africa.

Contact: / +2711 976 8600.

Stand 407 - Bystronic South Africa

Bystronic is a globally leading technology company in the area of sheet metal processing. Our high-quality solutions enable transformation into a productive and sustainable future. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. The intelligent connectivity of our laser cutting systems and pressbrakes with innovative automation, software, and service solutions is the key to comprehensive digitalization in the sheet metal industry.

Our dedicated, competent and well-supported employees are committed to create the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction, which enhances our customer’s sustainability, profitability, and efficiency.

Contact: / +2710 410 0200.

Stand 408 - WD Hearn Machine Tools

WD Hearn is one of the largest CNC machine tool suppliers in South Africa providing highly experienced technical support and quality after-sale customer service wherever your business is situated.

WD Hearn was established in 1937 and presently has branches in 4 major cities around the country.

WD Hearn is consistently up to date with the latest worldwide machine tool developments and current technology market trends. We make a point of understanding all customers’ needs to ensure that professional and customer-specific advice is given to all job shop and production requirements.

WD Hearn Machine Tools have one of the largest and most highly skilled CNC service departments in the country. Our focus is on sharing ownership of the installation of CNC machines in machine shops, through the expertise of knowledgeable salespeople, skilled CNC technicians, and CNC application engineers.

WD Hearn always maintains a healthy stock-holding of new, previously owned, and conventional machines.

Contact: / +2721 534 5351.

Stand 507 - Oerlikon HRSflow

Oerlikon HRSflow, part of the Swiss Technology group Oerlikon, specializes in development and production of advanced hot runner systems for a wide range of applications in the plastic injection molding industry. Business sectors include beverage & home, beauty & personal care, thin wall packaging, medical & healthcare, technical & electronics industries and automotive.

Our multi-cavity line is designed for low shot weights with high volume output ranging from 0,5 to 60 gr. We are ready to welcome any market challenge: fast color change, short cycle times, design flexibility, fast start-up production, high process and product repeatability.

Biopolymers and PCR resins have dedicated technical solutions, since often characterized by narrow process windows due to thermal or shear sensitivities. Our systems are conceived to prevent damages caused by foreign particles accidentally present in PCR compound and to avoid any streaking or flow marks that could jeopardize the cosmetic and functional result of molding.

Oerlikon HRSflow Business Line includes over 1,000 employees, with manufacturing plants in Europe (Italy), Asia (Hangzhou) and United States (Byron Center, MI).

Thanks to our localized branch in South Africa we can promptly meet the needs of our customers achieving the best lead time.

Our factories boast identical equipment and unique design, production and quality processes ensuring the same performance with a global footprint.

Our qualified technical team supports our customers in all stages: from the initial design and simulation through the construction of the hot runner system including try-out support.

Contact: / +2711 326 8132.

Stand 508 - SOCEM ED, S.A.

Welcome to Socem’s world! With more than 37 years of experience we have managed to develop our own global mold and injection network of enterprises with our own strategic locations in Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and local partners in South Africa, US, UK, Turkey, Czech Republic and China. Investing in constant innovation, optimization and industry 4.0 we have in-house capacity of several solutions: design, engineering, CAE, additive manufacturing (plastics, metal and resins), prototype molds, serial molds (2K/3K, IMD, gas assisted, insert- and overmold, etc.), graining, checking fixtures, EOAT and low- and mass-production. Our energy consumption of the units in Portugal are 100% renewable.

Contact: / +35124 400 9900.

Stand 509 - GuangDong V1 Industrial Internet Technology Co. Ltd

GuangDong V1 Industrial Internet Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2006, specializing in plastic mold research and development, design, manufacturing and plastic product production. Advantages and experience in automotive industry, household ware, daily necessities, electronic products etc.

V1 Business includes:

  1. Plastic mold designing and manufacturing.
  2. Plastic products volume production.
  3. Checking fixture designing and manufacturing.

As long as you have any requirements of new plastic product and mold, please send us product drawings (2D/3D data), we are very pleasure to give best offer and solution to you freely.

Contact: / +769 82288061.

Stand 510 - QP Global - Projectos de Qualidade Global Lda

QP GLOBAL is a leading consulting company that designs and manufactures injection moulding tooling and quality assurance equipment for the automotive industry. With almost 30 years of experience, the company has served major automotive OEMs such as Volkswagen, FORD Motor Company, Nissan and Toyota.

The QP GLOBAL Group also offers international project management and consulting services to its clients in the global automotive sector. The team works closely with clientele to understand their specific needs and requirements, developing personalised solutions that meet their needs from concept to production.

Contact: / +35191 669 9974.

Stand 511 - ZAHORANSKY

ZAHORANSKY is a single source provider in the area of molds, machine construction and automation techniques. With more than 900 employees, the company is present in 10 locations worldwide.

ZAHORANSKY offers comprehensive system solutions for the complete process chain to which belongs the integration of the packaging technique, the handling, the programming and the robotics for the manufacturing of fully automated production and assembly lines in the areas of household and industrial brushes, oral care, medical technology, cosmetics, consumer goods, injection moulding and packaging.

Contact: / +4976719970.

Stand 512 - Mould & Die Solutions

Mould & Die Solutions have since 2001 been supplying high precision components into the Plastics, Metal Press Tooling and Engineering Industries.

Our ability to source and supply OEM components that conform to global standards enables us to offer the largest selection of high precision tool making elements in Southern Africa.

Our extensive stock holding combined with weekly imports from overseas partners, ensure that your production down-time is minimised.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist customers with resolving their unique tooling challenges. This service includes the manufacture of custom components.

Our goal is to provide customers with ever evolving efficient and economical production processes.

By sharing current product innovations, customers are kept abreast of the latest global productivity optimisation processes.

Contact: / +27104105350.

Stand 514 - Multitrade Distributors

Multitrade Distributors is a South African company that specialises in providing tungsten carbide cutting tools, holding tools and industrial vending machines to the engineering and manufacturing industries. The company was founded in Port Elizabeth in 1983 with the primary goal of introducing and maintaining complete tooling solutions for these industries. As the sole distributor for Mitsubishi Materials products in the Southern African regions since inception, we have expanded our range to include various other international brands. With the head office located in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban, the company serves other areas through a network of smaller distributors. The quality of the brands represented is a source of pride for us. Our management and staff possess a high level of expertise which includes the full support of a technical applications department. This department provides guidance on tooling requirements and full CNC programming in many disciplines, including turnkey projects. To meet the increasing trend of Additive Manufacturing in South Africa, Multitrade Distributors established a sister company in 2019 called Multitrade 3D Systems (Pty) Ltd. This company specializes in providing superior metal Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Machines from GE Additive, Meltio and AMAZEMET.

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Stand 515 - TOP-TOOL

We are metal cutting tool specialists with focus on turnkey cutting tool solutions for small and large engineering companies. Our offer include metal cutting tools, measuring equipment, clamping tools and process improvement/optimization.

We also procure engineering tools for Sub-Sahara Africa and export our product into African Countries.

We are official L1 Agents for Sandvik Coromant with support in Cape Town, Gauteng and Vaal Triangle.

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