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Calling Interested Experts to Participate in the WHO Program

To: Friends from IFHE

This is a joint letter from the IFHE President, Steve Rees, the IFHE Vice President, Kevin Poggenpoel, and the IFHE Second Vice President, Walt Vernon.

We need your help with three things, all of which should help YOU, YOUR CHAPTER, and YOUR MEMBERS.

First, we are determined to improve the value that IFHE provides to our A-Members, and to your members. To that end, we are asking the leadership from each chapter to have a virtual meeting with the three of us. In this meeting we would like to hear about your organization, the things you are working on, the things you are struggling with, and how the IFHE can better support you and your members. We will use this information to help us think about how we can do better. This should be a fun conversation, and it will help us to better serve you, so that your organization gets better value for the dues you pay.

Second, we are running two Awards Programs for the 2024 Congress in South Africa. We would like to tell you about them. We are especially excited about the opportunity to use our Carbon Awards program to help you have your OWN awards program in your country, using our platform. It will take a bit of training, and, if you are interested, we can set up a later training for your team to help you better understand how to use this platform for your benefit.

Finally, we have received a request for help from the World Health Organization. We need experts from around the world to help contribute our knowledge to their work on Guides for Sustainable Healthcare. We are hoping that your country could provide one or two experts who can be part of our IFHE Team.

So, it is very important that we talk soon. Please respond by clicking on one of the email options below, so that we can get something scheduled. If you have ideas for volunteers, please send them as soon as you can.

We thank you for being part of the IFHE Family. It is our goal to direct the efforts of IFHE to always improve, in how we serve you and your organization.

Be well and let’s talk.

Steve Rees, Canada
Kevin Poggenpoel, South Africa
Walt Vernon, United States.

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Steve Rees, Canada

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Kevin Poggenpoel, South Africa

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Walt Vernon, United States

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