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South Africa International Water Week
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The South African International Water Congress is presented as an integral part of South African Water Week (SAIWW 2025)

The inaugural trailblazing conference is for the water sector from across the globe with a particular focus on southern Africa. It will bring visionaries and innovators from around the globe together with policy makers, financiers and key public sector leaders from across all spheres of government.

The conference will address the challenges of water and sanitation in southern Africa. Water is our most vital resource and essential to human existence and must be carefully managed and utilised to avoid future catastrophes.

The event’s point of departure will be the South African water sector, with respect to Water and Sanitation Services (WSS) and Water Resource Management (WRM), but also South Africa in wider international and regional context.

The aim is therefore to bring together South African, African and international water leadership, experts and other stakeholders to “think out of the box” about substantial water issues. The organisers are very conscious and respectful of the international and regional water weeks of Stockholm, Singapore and others, as well as the AfWAS conference. The SAIWW event will be an addition, not a rival.

Therefore, while the local interest of South African stakeholders will be a pronounced theme, there is great appreciation of the rich knowledge and expertise of counterparts elsewhere in Africa and globally. This will be reflected in the program and participants –local, regional and international water sector experts, potential private sector investors and practitioners; water users like manufacturers and businesses, and academia to share knowledge and best practice. The concept note will be followed by monthly progress notes.

This conference is a high-level forum for leaders with the brightest minds in the public and private sectors to join forces and combat the challenges of water and sanitation with unrivalled energy. Whilst Focussed on South Africa it has implications for Southern Africa and the African Continent. We seek bold ideas and smart solutions to control water cost and optimize water usage.

Join us at this high-level conference aimed at achieving your organisations water sustainability objectives by improving water efficiency and reducing environmental impact through the implementation of water conservation and sustainability solutions.

This trailblazing event is a must for all water suppliers and large water users. Diarise the date now.


Topics for discussion will include:


National, Provincial & Municipal


Global Warming & Climate Change


Desalination, Sewage & Wastewater


Eco Systems, Pollution & Water Rights

Dams & Reservoirs

Design & Construction, Water Treatment, Hydropower Generation

Distribution Network

Pump Stations, Pipes, Control Valves & Water Meters

End Users

Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture & Domestic


Research and innovations in Water Process and Resource Management

who should attend?

Public officials and policy makers and private sector senior managers involved in the Water and Sanitation Sector. Including but not limited to:

  • Government and public officials
  • Fund Managers and development finance institutions
  • Climate and environmental professionals
  • Water Collection & Storage Specialist
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Engineers
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineers
  • Storm Water and Flood Protection Experts
  • Engineering Services Consultants
  • Management Services Advisers
  • Water Research and Technology Specialist
  • Instrumentation, Control and Automation Professionals

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