The WCPDF would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following exhibitors at the 2022 conference for their valuable support.

If you would like to be an exhibitor, please contact Kim on



The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) was inaugurated in 1908 and provides an environment in which professionals may learn, grow and work together to advance the techniques and science of quantity surveying. From its earliest beginnings, ASAQS has grown to include quantity surveying professionals from every area of the construction industry, from private practice, government and quasi-government to construction companies.

ASAQS is dedicated to:

  • Advancing and promoting the science and practice of quantity surveying and related matters
  • Upholding the dignity of the quantity surveying profession
  • Watching over, promoting and protecting the interest of its members
  • Affording opportunity for the interchange and recording of the body of knowledge and experience of quantity surveying
  • Promoting the high standards of professional competence and integrity
You can call ASAQS on 011 315 4140.


Maskam Water believes in sustainability and delivers regenerative solutions to water problems across sub-Saharan Africa. Their Fusion Wastewater System is the perfect partner for your new and existing development, delivering effluent back into the irrigation water supply and flushing toilets. For Greywater they have developed an all-in-one solution, Maskam Greywater System, that combines everything you need to deliver great quality water. To accompany this great innovation, they also import quality pumps, water purification equipment, UVs and air purifiers from around the globe.

Visit Maskam Water in the exhibition area and speak to their wastewater expert who will be present on Thursday 26 May and their UV and pool expert will be joining the exhibition on Friday 27 May

You can call Maskam Water on 08612 WATER (92837) or 027 219 1393, or WhatsApp them on 060 564 2920.


Devmark Construction was founded in 2008 as a division of the Devmark Property Group with the exclusive purpose of handling all construction for the group. In its 30 year history, the Devmark Property Group has become well-known for developing some of the Western Cape’s most sought-after commercial and residential properties. Aided by this wealth of experience and the personal touch of the family-owned group, Devmark Construction expanded its scope of operations rapidly after an initial focus on the retirement housing sector in the Cape Peninsula. Today, the company is a leader in constructing various residential developments, multi-story buildings, steel structures, and professional refurbishment and restoration.

You can call Devmark Construction on 021 948 3502.


Africa Collaboration Hub (ACH) is a Smartsheet Gold Partner that designs and builds fully-customised solutions that are tailormade for your company, from Project Management to Work Collaboration.

Smartsheet’s secure cloud-based software empowers your teams to improve productivity and streamline processes with: more effective planning; workflow automation; real-time visibility on data; increased transparency and accountability; faster informed decisions; and one single source of truth for cross-functional departments.

Contact ACH for a solution to improve your company’s performance in the new hybrid world we all find ourselves in by calling 082 333 8258.


Wesgro is the official tourism, trade, investment and film promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. It serves as the first point of contact for foreign investors and local companies. In addition, this agency attracts and facilitates national and international investment, works to grow the exports of products and services, and markets the Western Cape as a competitive business and travel destination.