We are very happy to welcome on board the following sponsors in 2024:


Cape Town and the Western Cape – open for business

We are a region of unlimited potential. And this translates into unlimited opportunity. Whether you’re interested in travel, investment, film or exporting, Cape Town and the Western Cape have something for you. Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape, can help you uncover these opportunities. 


dhk Architects is an award-winning full-service, design-led studio of architects, urban designers and interior designers. Our multidisciplinary design expertise is supported by meticulous technical implementation and precise on-site administration capabilities. With a steadfast commitment to design and dedication to quality, our team of more than 130 people, spread across two offices, has built dhk into one of the largest and leading architectural firms in Africa.

The practice was established in 1998. Over the years we have built a portfolio of elegant, considered architectural, urban and interior design projects in South Africa and abroad. We have expertise in multiple sectors, including commercial, residential, hospitality and leisure, retail, healthcare and education, among others. Our projects are benchmarks for design excellence. We believe in a holistic, integrated design approach that places people at the centre of whatever we create and considers the environmental demands of the site’s context. With a broad worldview, we draw inspiration from global influences and incorporate advanced technical sophistication into our designs, while balancing economic realities to ensure fully grounded solutions for our clients.


+2782 553 8575

We are Bruce Wilson Architects, a group of energetic and considerate architects. Adventurous and thoughtful, we are passionate about producing captivating, economical, and human architecture. 

We are founded on the principle of putting people and quality first. We understand that every project intertwines a financial aspect with a human component, and we skillfully merge both to create architecture that is not only beautiful but also socially and economically sustainable.

At Bruce Wilson Architects, we offer comprehensive architectural services with an unwavering commitment to design quality. Our flexible services allow us to tailor our approach to meet each client’s needs. We ensure a holistic process by seamlessly integrating with a client’s existing professional team or connecting them with our network of trusted experts.

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of residential design, encompassing apartments, luxury homes, estates, student accommodation, retirement communities, hospitality, and social housing. We are also extensively experienced in commercial and convenience retail projects. We work across diverse client sectors, including private, government, institutional, and offshore.

Get in touch with us today at 082 553 8575 or


Citra – Live Different is a pioneering construction technology company revolutionizing the way we design, construct, and experience buildings. With a focus on innovative property finance solutions and public-private collaboration, we deliver sustainable, affordable housing solutions and contribute to iconic commercial projects.

Our integrated approach combines advanced digital design, precision manufacturing, and data-driven construction management. This empowers us to streamline projects, reducing costs and unlocking new financing models for affordable and sustainable developments.

At Citra, we believe in building thriving communities. Our expertise in innovative construction, along with our experience securing financing and collaborating with government partners, has enabled us to successfully complete over 200 homes in the historically disadvantaged area of Blue Downs. Additionally, we’ve contributed to the 5-star hotel facades at the prestigious Hazendal Wine Estate.

Our team of 70+ architects, engineers, and innovators is driven by a passion for creating a more equitable and sustainable built environment. We collaborate with developers, financiers, and government entities to bring inspiring projects to life.

Visit to discover how Citra – Live Different is transforming communities and redefining property development.



In its 105-year history, Garden Cities has established 14 suburbs in Cape Town and has built well in excess of 20 000 homes. They cross the economic spectrum from starter houses, to large family homes in immaculately structured urban environments.

Education is one of the cornerstones of the Garden Cities vision, and school sites are an important component of their suburban mix.

Twenty years ago, the company established the Garden Cities Archway Foundation to provide school halls for disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape, battling with unequal facilities. This year, there are 120 halls – now built in partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

In addition, more than 100 under-resourced schools in the Western Cape have received science learning centres in a programme started 13 years ago. Together with Professor Shaheed Hartley and Advancing Knowledge, his non-profit initiative, the project is in a partnership with the Archway Foundation and the WCED.

‘Our goal remains; to help provide equal facilities for the schoolchildren of the Western Cape,’ says Garden Cities Group CEO John Matthews who has driven the work of the Archway foundation since its establishment.


Established in 1943, SVA International is one of the leading architectural and urban design practices in South Africa. The comprehensive range of services and design experience offered includes master planning, urban design and architecture across commercial, retail, hospitality, residential, healthcare, education, industrial and civic sectors.

SVA International is committed to sustainable design and construction, through an integrated approach involving the full project team. We aim to design low-impact buildings and spaces which provide efficient and comfortable surrounds, reduced energy costs, and increased health and ecological benefits. We empower ourselves across numerous specialist fields into becoming the industry leaders. By applying our expert knowledge, we lead clients towards creative and viable solutions. By actively exploring new technologies and methods, we are actively leading the change into how we build the future, providing design led answers. By building relationships in diverse industries, we benefit our clients and unlock project potentials and opportunities.

With offices in Southern, Western, and Eastern Africa, the practice is engaged in projects throughout the African continent. In the 80 years since its inception, SVA international have gained solid reputations for successfully completing more than a thousand architectural projects during this term, ranging across a spectrum of scale, form and function.


The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) was inaugurated in 1908 and provides an environment in which professionals may learn, grow and work together to advance the techniques and science of quantity surveying. From its earliest beginnings, ASAQS has grown to include quantity surveying professionals from every area of the construction industry, from private practice, government and quasi-government to construction companies.

ASAQS is dedicated to:

  • Advancing and promoting the science and practice of quantity surveying and related matters.
  • Upholding the dignity of the quantity surveying profession.
  • Watching over, promoting and protecting the interest of its members.
  • Affording opportunity for the interchange and recording of the body of knowledge and experience of quantity surveying.
  • Promoting the high standards of professional competence and integrity.


NAKO ILISO is a South African owned consulting engineering firm operating across the African continent to deliver a range of world class specialised engineering services to the people of Africa.  Its core business is the provision of ingenious engineering solutions to complex challenges within the built environment.  The company employs experts with proven experience in the various disciplines of civil and structural engineering, and Project Management. 

NAKO ILISO’s offices are located in all the metropolitan cities of the country, with the Cape Town office established as the company’s centre of excellence for building and industrial structures and related services. It is ideally positioned to service the Western Cape Property Sector.  With an enviable portfolio of award-winning projects, which ranges from airport terminals, world-cup stadia, warehouses, factories, housing developments, schools and hospitals to shopping centres, office complexes and multi-storey buildings, NAKO ILISO is well placed to provide a unique product offering with tried-and tested solutions.

Through captured experiences and lessons learned, NAKO ILISO leverages its lifecycle differentiators to deliver positive client experiences throughout the client lifecycle and across multiple projects.

The bulk of our work is secured through repeat service, testimony to the good quality of service to our clients.


A civil engineering company, EFG Engineers offers transportation planning, traffic engineering, road design, municipal services design, contract administration and project management services. With significant experience in working with government, public enterprises, business, industry and major institutions, the company’s clients enlist its services for mixed use, shopping centre, industrial and residential development.

Through its team of qualified, experienced and expert individuals, the company prides itself on its strong client and service focus. Using sound analytical techniques, integrated planning and execution, it constantly looks for innovative, quality-driven solutions that fully meet the briefs and expectations of clients and stakeholders, adding true value through its team’s smart thinking, budgeting and planning.

Originally established as Eric Foster and Genote/Associates (EFG) in September 2000, the firm became  EFG Engineers (Pty) Ltd in September 2005 when it incorporated two associates with whom it had a strong professional relationship, namely David Faure Consulting Engineers (established 2001), and James Marais Siviele Ontwerp (established 2004).


+2721 979 4984

AL&A is a consulting company specialising in Construction Project Management in the property and real estate industry. The company has earned a solid reputation for its ability to manage complex and challenging projects through offering the following services:

  • AL&A takes on the role of Construction Project Manager and Principal Agent as stipulated in the JBCC, ensuring that the professional and contracting teams are co-ordinated and aligned.
  • AL&A makes use of professional Cloud-Based Collaborative Work Management Platforms, allowing them to collaborate easily with the client, professional team, and relevant stakeholders. It means accurate record keeping of all documentation and communication.
  • AL&A offers a full Project Management service of defining a clear project programme with deliverables, ensuring all stakeholders operate within this framework and that the project is executed on time.
  • AL&A provides the full Development Management function, from market analysis and scope of development determination to viability studies, statutory approvals, and physical infrastructure roll-out management.
  • AL&A drives the Statutory Approval Management process from start to finish, managing the professionals and their deliverables as well as liaising with city officials to ensure a successful outcome.


ooba Home Loans truly embodies our slogan of ‘a home for everyone’ to make the dream of owning your own home a reality for the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve trusted us with this process. We’re proudly contributing to the growth of our country and the economy by transforming the South African homeownership market.

Over the years, ooba Home Loans has worked tirelessly to reach a level where we are more likely to secure our customers a bond than their bank. As a leading provider of home loan origination in South Africa, we have a majority of the premium real estate brands in our portfolio.

Ranked #1 in Home Loans on Hello Peter, we are passionate about our customers’ financial wellbeing and pride ourselves on educating them throughout the journey.

From bond and repayment calculators to pre-approvals and official approvals by the country’s leading banks, ooba Home Loans has developed a range of free services, tailored to our customers’ requirements. Not only do we empower people by ‘opening doors’ to a secure financial asset for them and their families, but we also help them protect their assets through our competitive range of insurance products in the larger ooba Group.

Driven by integrity and a passion for what we do, we treat each customer as an individual and collaborate closely throughout the journey to homeownership.